Triad Startup Lab :: Week 3

Triad Startup Lab 2014
May 29, 2014

Triad Startup Lab :: Week 3

This weeks Schedule:

1). Coder Foundry – Kernersville

I have an appointment with the Sales and Marketing Director this Thursday (6/19) at 1PM

If anyone is interested in joining me – please advise.

2). Guests this week: On Wednesday (6/18) we will be hosting a lunch for Chip Herr and Susanne Hall – they are third generation owners of a 111 year old company here in Greensboro ( They are considering joining us at the Startup Lab for Session B. We will also have Peter Raines (President joining us for lunch as well that same day. RSVP!!

Founders – get on the schedule this week ASAP

One-on-one work sessions with founders and myself for one hour appointments.

I hope to see each of you (founders) at lease three times (3x) this week – it has been productive KEEP IT UP.


Update on Intern Projects:

Joe and Justin previewed a nice looking website – I hope to get more content for each companies profile and blog as the Trello Board continues to expand.

I noticed Lex building out a story board (NICE!).

Please sync your schedules some more to make time with your founders.

Get it documented.


Update on Founders: 

Week 3: The objective this upcoming week is the development your final plan for a Lean Startup MVP Validation Method.

(You must choose one: Exploration/Pitch/Concierge).

Week 2 was our first working week at the Startup Lab and our work was helping founders to focus on defining their business model and starting to formulate their own hypothesis of customers/problems.

We have not had any formal pivots yet (although Christopher Bass with his Home Grown concept has given some consideration to his whole customer hypothesis and is doing some exploration this weekend (special thanks to Lex for facilitating that!).

Vanissa Chan (insert company name here) has really hit on something solid and is working out the details for an MVP for the International Resturant Row. I have begun to connect the dots with the help of Deborah Hooper, President of the Greensboro Partnership’s Chamber of Commerce/Entrepreneur Connection and Greensboro City Councilman – Tony Wilkinson. I am confident Vanissa will find support in the community for this project. I believe after MVP validation we soon have to consider finding a funding source for this.

Jennifer Varney and her Gifts You Pick concept is committed to her Lean Startup Validation Exploration and Pitch. Last week I offered another version of her customer/problem/solution hypothesis – which she rejected. She has an amazing entrepreneurial spirit. I can not wait to see what she comes up with for an MVP. This is one to watch!!

Nichole Spivey is getting closer to building out her MVP. We took a trip to her proposed cafe site on Church Street this past week – it is really cool, and with April Harris’s help we identified a way to serve/sell food without all the city government red tape (a non-profit sanctioned fundraiser). So this coming week we are planning all the parts needed for her Lean Startup Validation MVP concierge test. yumyumyum!

Speaking of yum yum – Rashelle Brooks brought THE MOST AMAZING MAC N CHEESE I HAVE EVER EATEN on Friday. Vanissa, Noah and I were graced with a fresh batch that Rashelle made just for us. I HONESTLY have NEVER eaten anything so delicious. I brought what little was left over back to my house and it was gone in 15 minutes. My wife said it was ‘faceslapping’ good. Anna Sullivan has suggested we get Rashelle set up during the Greensboro Fun Fourth Celebration downtown (a great idea) and look forward to setting her up with her own nonprofit fundraiser! Rashelle please email me those photos!

This week Noah Cameron (Bow Times) brought in a second generation product design prototype for his bow ties and we are evaluating that compared to a Two Guys Bow Ties sample that I purchased. I am trying to find the right community mentor for him – I have one in mind but their schedules are not syncing up. Stay tuned: more will be revealed.

Samantha Jordan’s HumbleShed Studio is busy figuring out what her first product line might look like. It is a lot of hard work for any artist/designer to visualize more than just a “one off”. I am looking forward to seeing her back in the lab this week.

Hayley Ellman is seeking a mobile party bus collaboration with Greene Street Night Club and an audience at Elsewhere. This could be the beginning of an MVP – but I think she needs more time to develop a real customer hypothesis and encourage her to continue to explore her ideas out in the community.

Chris Padgett (Fusion 3 Design) is excited to see what his new website and youtube channel will contain. I have asked him to put together a list of videos he will need to help offset his constant on-demand roles as sales and customer service manager.

In abstention: Aliesha Wielfaert is developing a new mission statement for her Community Yoga Studio (thanks to Bushra for helping us see the value in this) that we are looking forward to developing that into a leading edge marketing plan. I spoke to John Grigni (Animation Studio) yesterday (as he was boarding a jet in Chicago) and he anticipates joining us again this coming week. And with Alesa and Bushra’s help we should finally see Joyce Allen-Crawford’s due-diligence of research result in new ways she can produce her fashion products to include a bit more of a universal appeal.



ALL Founders – get on the schedule this week ASAP

One-on-one work sessions with founders and myself for one hour appointments.

I hope to see each of you (founders) at lease three times (3x) this week – its been productive KEEP IT UP.





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